Thursday, November 30, 2017


*To be afraid is to live in bondage, to be fearless is to be free.

*People without friends or close family can still be happy by talking each day

to strangers that they meet.

*"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" means to hold on to something 

you have and not want something better.

*I'm always "stoved up" (like my Father use to say) in the morning, but with 

stretching my muscles and about an hour later I'm good as a brand new dollar 


*I've often said that a person can be alone, but not lonely, depending on that 

person's resolve to stand alone.

*I'm drinking my second pot of coffee, it's like going from an older man to being 

a teenager again.

*To need something is a necessity for survival, to want something is the 

accumulation of material possessions.

*What do you believe? The Charles Darwin theory of "natural selection (which) 

is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in 

phenotype. It is a key mechanism of evolution, the change in heritable traits of a 

population over time. Charles Darwin popularised the term "natural selection". 

He compared it with artificial selection, which is intentional, whereas natural 

selection is not." Wikipedia. Or do you believe in God's creation of our planet or 

the "Big Bang" theory of the creation of the universe?

The mind of God and the 'big bang.'

However, Hawking says his new theory has no moment of creation and requires 

no Creator. Where does this leave theistic evolutionary compromise? So this, 

more or less, is the current 'big bang' theory—that some 15 billion years ago, at a 

specific moment before which there was no before, the entire cosmos created 

itself ...

*I just gave Wikipedia $20 with my credit card, and they saying “imagine a 

world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all 

human knowledge. ” Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia. And to continue

Jimmy Wales.

"Thank you for your gift! You will receive a confirmation via email when we have 

processed your donation. Contributions from readers like you keep Wikipedia 

thriving and independent. Wikipedia is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation."  

*To be grateful is God's work, to be ungrateful is the devil's work.

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