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DEC 1, 2017 - 11:59 AM ET - OLD PEOPLE'S QUIZZES


"If you're an old person with memories of the past and present, you don't have 

dementia, yet."

Forrest Caricofe

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present, you don't have dementia, yet."


**"Do You Know What Only Baby Boomers Remember?"*

I'm not a Baby Boomer. Baby Boomers were born in the years 1946 – 1964 and 

make up 20% of America's population. I was born in 1942, just missing the 

cutoff by 4 years. The following quiz is intended for those born after 1946, but 

I'll take it any way:

*"1. Baby Boomers remember phones that were _______?

#Attached to a wall. ^^ Correct answer. I remember the wall phone on my 

grandmother Caricofe's south wall of her living room much like that one below.


#There were no phones.


2. Baby Boomers remember being ______ by parents.



#Disciplined. ^^ Correct answer. My Mother spanked me on the butt with her 

hand and my Father spanked me with something much larger.


3. At 1 a.m. or so, you'd see what on TV?

#Music videos.

#The National Anthem. ^^ Correct answer. I remember it well with no TV after 


#Howdy Doody.


4. Baby Boomers remember getting milk from ________?

#A vending machine.

#A convenience store.

#A milk man. ^^ Correct answer. I vaguely remember this. So, my memory isn't



5. Baby Boomers remember watching movies where?

#At home.

#On a device.

#At the drive-in. ^^ Correct answer. I remember Father and Mother and us kids 

piling into the car with sandwiches and drinks and watching a movie at the 

drive-in in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 


6. Baby Boomers recall the assassination of which president?


#JFK. ^^ Correct answer. In Houston, Texas, I saw JFK in a cavalcade. The next 

day he was assassinated in Dallas. 



7. Which of these was a popular bicycle accessory?

#Strawberry seat.

#Pineapple seat.

#Banana seat." ^^ Correct answer. I had a Washington Post paper route in 

Dayton, Virginia, but I didn't have a banana seat, I used the wider kind on my







We'll, guess what? I started doing something else and lost the rest of the quiz, 

even with pasting the URL above in my browser. No matter. I found another old 

people's quiz on YouTube, so maybe that will make it up to you, I hope. I know 

what you're thinking, you think I'm getting dementia. No, I'm not. Please be 

kind. Thank you.

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