Friday, December 1, 2017


*2:32 AM 12/1/2017 ET. I know it's early, but you need to get up, you're 

missing the best part of the day.

*My brother, Roland, calls The Washington Post, The Washington Compost. How 

could he say that when their motto is "Democracy Dies in Darkness?"

*I've finally found a news source that might be neutral in their reporting of the 

news. It's

*If you believe that the world is a better place because of you, then happiness

will always be a part of your life.

*Hate is a 4 letter word, love is a 4 letter word. Which one do you choose?

*I have about 50 bandanas more or less, that I place across my forehead to hold 

back my long hair from falling across my face, but sometimes when I'm eating, 

a hair or 2 will fall across my face and I'll eat the hairs with my food. Not me, but around the same age and don't have a chin 


*They have many special built bicycle paths in Europe. Why is it that we cannot 

have the same thing in the US? I know why. The lobbyists who represent the 

car manufactures would lobby against it. 

*Apple has a watch that identifies irregular heart rhythms. I believe that 

sometime in the future that Apple will introduce a watch that will monitor all of 

your body functions. Except for peeing and pooping, of course, I know from my

when I need to do that.

*To those, like myself, who use Twitter: To all those that have sent to me 

messages through notifications, I need to say I'm Sorry. I haven't quite figured 

out how to reply yet, but I will. Do you remember the children's book 'The Little 

Engine that Could?" 

*Do you have the memory of an elephant or a housefly who lives for only 28 

days and, of course, has no memory after that.

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