Friday, December 1, 2017

DEC 1, 2017 - 1:53 PM ET - 10 TWEETS AND COMMENTS

*"Israel bombs targets in Gaza in response to mortar fire. Israeli jets targeted four 

military sites belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad Israel’s military said. At least 

two Palestinians were injured, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry." By Ruth 

Eglash and Hazem Balousha.

Israel and its "God's chosen people," surrounded by their enemies, need another 

"June 1967 War" to maintain their dominance in the region.

*"The Old City of Jerusalem contains three of the holiest sites for Christians, 

Jews, and Muslims."

resourceID=000634. President Trump plans to move the American embassy from

Tel Avi to Jerusalem, it will not be a peaceful move, we'll have to wait to see 

what happens.

*"If Tillerson's Out, is Iran War In? The Trump administration will reportedly 

oust Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and install CIA Director Mike Pompeo in his 

place, with Republican Sen. Tom Cotton replacing Pompeo. Some people are afraid of change, President Trump

certainly isn't.

*"Bacteria 'from Outer Space' Found on Space Station, Cosmonaut Says: 

Report." By Mike Wall. You need to keep that bacteria where 

you are, cosmonaut, we have enough bacteria down here already.

*"Israeli Health minister Ya'akov Litzman resigns in protest after Jews made to 

work on Jewish rest day. On Sunday, Israeli health minister Ya'akov Litzman 

officially resigned, submitting his resignation letter after Jewish workers were 

made to work on — the Jewish holy rest day, from sundown on Friday to 

sundown on Saturday — for installation of a signalling system on rail tracks in 

the Negev on Saturday."

*"Cities dream of wooing Amazon, but is it worth it? Judy Woodruff:

But first, Amazon is searching for a place to build a second headquarters.

The scale of the project is massive. It comes with a proposed eight-million-

square-foot campus that would cost $5 billion and promise up to 50,000 new 

jobs... Two hundred and thirty-eight cities and regions are bidding for what’s 

being called Amazon HQ2, the company looking for assets like the tech talent 

that drew it to Seattle, thanks to Microsoft.

So, no surprise that’s part of Wil Reynolds’ pitch.


*"Trump's pledge to make 'merry Christmas' great again, explained.

Opinion." As Donald and Melania Trump light 

the National Christmas tree.

*"Apple launches study to identify irregular heart rhythms with the Apple 

Watch." I believe that sometime in the future that Apple 

will introduce a watch that will monitor all of your body functions, except for 

peeing and pooping, my body will tell me when to do that.

*"After the success of 'Dollaritas,' Applebee's is selling $1 Long Island Iced 

Teas...." My 3 siblings and son, Ryan, drink sweet iced

tea, but I don't. Never did like it much. 

*"Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide: Where Is Xur And What Exotics Is He Selling?

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