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DEC 10, 2017 - 8:31 AM ET - MY LIFE.


"The difference between one man and another is equivalent to how they've lead 

their lives."

Forrest Caricofe

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to how they've lead their lives." 


**I know you're tired of me copying and pasting and I'm getting tired of it too, 

so today I'll type using my own brain and not someone else's brain. 

For those that know little about me, I'll introduce myself. My name is Randolph

Forrest Caricofe, Jr, but I go by Forrest. Not Forrest Gump, but if I was I can't 

"run, Forrest, run" anymore, because of my age, I can only "walk, Forrest, walk."

I was born in 1492 when "Columbus sailed the ocean blue." No that's not right.

I get this date mixed up sometimes because the numbers are the same. I was 

born on October 27, 1942 in the old Rockingham Memorial Hospital in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia. I say old because a brand new and renamed hospital was 

built on the outskirts of the city now named Sentara Rockingham Memorial 


Our family lived in about 8 different homes more or less in the Dayton, Virginia

area where I grew up. The population of Dayton at that time was about 500 

souls. I have, me being the oldest, 3 siblings, Roland, Nancy (married name 

Showalter) and Jerry in order of birth and about 2 to 3 years apart. 

I attended Dayton Elementary where my Aunt Nita worked and where one of my 

Mother's best friends, Mrs. Hilbert was a 5th grade teacher. She would tap you 

you on the head with a ruler if you misbehaved, I'm sure I received my share of

taps on the head. 

After graduating from the 7th grade at Dayton Elementary, I attended Turner 

Ashby High School a 5 minute walk northwest from Dayton Elementary. I 

graduated in 1961 before integration took place after 1961, the Afro Americans 

going to Lucy F. Simms High School in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

I then went to Shenandoah College in Winchester, Virginia for 1 year and then 

transferred to Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia and was a student for

1 year before deciding to hitchhike to Houston, Texas and then on a bus to Los 

Angeles. I was drafted in 1964 and then on to Fort Polk, Louisiana and then to 

Fort Gordon, Georgia. By air, along with other soldiers, to Oakland, California 

then on a troop ship for 23 days to South Korea. After serving 13 months, I along

with other soldiers, were flown to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington 

state and then I flew to Dulles International Airport on the outskirts of 

Washington, D. C. I was either picked up by someone I don't remember or I took

a Greyhound to Harrisonburg, Virginia and returned to Bridgewater College for 

remaining 2 years graduating with a degree in Sociology. 

I've left some things out and this is but a small portion of my life I'm telling you

about. Will I tell you the rest of the story of my life? I guess it will depend if I 

live long enough?

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