Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DEC 12, 2017 - 10:12 AM ET - 10 TWEETS & COMMENTS

*"NASA and Google to Announce AI Breakthrough."

*"Amazon Alexa can now wake you up to music.

*"Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week! How to See Year's Best Meteor 

Display. This pre-Christmas display of celestial fireworks is due to reach its peak 

during the long, dark hours from Wednesday night (Dec. 13) into early Thursday 

morning (Dec. 14). By Joe Rao.

*"There’s a medical ‘land grab’ underway as hospitals try to get larger.

By Carolyn Y. Johnson.

In this area of Ohio many hospitals have been bought out by the Cleveland Clinic.

*"On Google's search page today: "Let’s bring more diversity and inclusivity to 

mobile gaming." Just click on it to see what Google's saying. 

*"Condoleezza Rice: Alabama Election 'One of History's Most Significant.'"This 

week's special election will be one of the most significant in Alabama's history," 

Rice said in a statement to on Monday. "As a native daughter, I remain – 

at heart – an Alabamian who loves our state and its devotion to faith, family, and 


The leading candidates, Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones, are 

neck-and-neck in the polls after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced 

against Moore. The latest poll from Fox News shows Jones with a double-digit 

lead in the heavily conservative state. Rice does not endorse or suggest 

Alabamians vote for either candidate."

There are 3 women, none palefaces like myself, who I believe would make ideal

first woman US presidents: Condoleezza Rice, Nikki Halley and Michelle Obama. 

*"WATCH: White House says allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump 

‘took place long before he was elected president.’ By Erica R. Hendry.

*"Putin announces Syria withdrawal, says ISIS destroyed."

Assad, seen here shaking hands with Putin is no better than that little fat 

dictator, Kim Jong-un of North Korea. This over 6 year war in Syria has not 

ended, the rebels and some Kurd's are still fighting along with US support to free

their country of this dictator.

*"Coal, Lies and Renewable Energy, Australian Style. Is the new Tesla mega-

battery for South Australia the game changer it's made out to be? Tim Hollo, 

Executive Directer of The Green Institute, joins us from Canberra, Australia to 

separate fact from fiction in what he calls the 'post-truth world.'"


*"Huntington’s breakthrough may stop disease. The defect that causes the 

neurodegenerative disease Huntington's has been corrected in patients for the 

first time, the BBC has learned. An experimental drug, injected into spinal fluid, 

safely lowered levels of toxic proteins in the brain. The research team, at 

University College London, say there is now hope the deadly disease can be 

stopped." By James Gallagher. Health and science correspondent, BBC News.

Peter has Huntington's disease and his siblings Sandy and Frank also have the 


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