Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DEC 12, 2017 - 8:47 AM ET - Artificial Intelligence, my arse.


"Will God condone our use of artificial intelligence?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**What is artificial intelligence? "The capability of a machine to imitate 

intelligent human behavior."

Artificial intelligence means for both you and me that artificial intelligence will 

not only "imitate intelligent human behavior," but take over all of the work tasks

we are doing in our daily lives. I should not have said we because that will never

happen for me. I've worked hard all life and I will not change for anyone or a 


"SEATTLE—Today, 2.1 billion people – nearly 30% of the world's population – are 

either obese or overweight."’s-population-obese-or-


I'll admit to be overweight but not obese. These figures will rise dramatically if 

you do nothing but watch TV, play computer games or other things that require

no work ethnic on your part. 

What about pooping and peeing which require some effort on your part? Maybe 

the robot will help you sit, grunt for you, check your poop for illness, wipe your 

butt and then help you up. For men when peeing, the robot may help you stand, 

hold your doodle and then shake it when you're finished. For women, the robot 

may help you sit for both peeing and pooping. When peeing, the robot may wipe 

your twat. And just like men when pooping, the robot will wipe your butt after 

checking your poop for illness. As for transgenders, I don't enough about them 

except that they may have a twat or a doodle and a robot will help them in some 


No need for drive troughs or anything else of that matter. Everything your heart

desires will be delivered to you at your house, by who? You guessed it, a robot or

two. Companies, stores where you shop will be taken over by robots. You won't 

have to do anything, just sit on your fat a#^ and let the robots do the work. 

Who will take over as world leaders and other public offices. Robots of course.

President Robot Trump of the United States, Prime Minster Robot May of England,

President Robot Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Robot Merkel of Germany and 

that fat little son of a *%#@^ dictator from North Korea, Dictator Robot Jong-un.

But who would be in charge of the robots? Men or women can't do it because 

that would be working and we can't have that you know. It's an age old question.

Maybe 1 robot or a committee of robots in charge, but who would be the robotic 

leader who leads them? It's like who was in charge of creating the "big bang" 

that created the universe? If that's what you believe in, of course?

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