Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DEC 12, 2017 - 9:28 AM ET - 10 QUOTES

*Marriage is not often successful with "love at first sight." A good marriage is 

attained like my Mother and Father who dated for 5 years before getting 


*Those who do not show emotion do not have a conscience.

*We as adults must still remain loyal to the idea of a Santa Clause because of all 

the children who believe in him.

*Where it not for the kindness of others, we would have little to live for.


*I judge people not by their appearance, but by their warm heart. Is there 

anything wrong in that?

*Engage evil, don't go down on bended knees and beg for life.

*I saw a woman in Walmart recently who wore a t-shirt with an American flag

on the back and saying "if you don't like it, I'll help you pack."

*I believe in equal rights for women, but until God, Allah and other Gods change 

their minds of men being in charge, there will be no equal rights for women.

*Those of you who believe in the "big bang" theory probably also believe that 

the egg came before the chicken.

*To become only with one's self is to become one with the devil.

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