Thursday, December 14, 2017

DEC 14, 2017 - 8:17 AM - 10 QUOTES

*My pony tail is about 6 inches long, I need another 2 years of living to have a 

pony tail of a foot. 

*We need to remember that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth, celebrated

since a.d. 200.

*We on earth should be grateful for living, but those that are in Heaven, I know,

are grateful even more. 

*We must remember that our lost loved ones who are in Heaven and that our 

grief is our grief and not our lost loved one's grief.

*Sociable is a Latin word originating from the Iberian Peninsula where my 

ancestors are from according to my ancestryDNA analysis.


*Cold weather is for polar bears and penguins, but not for me.

*The giver always feels better for giving than the receiver for receiving. 

*To wait for another is to wait for an albatross. 


*Those of us who are tired and wary, reach your arms to Heaven for a renewal

of your energy.

*Why did the horse cross the road? No, your answer is wrong, it's not to get to 

the other side, but to get a drink of water. Think a little more next time before 

you answer. 

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