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DEC 15, 2017 - 8:57 AM ET - 10 NEWS ITEMS & COMMENTS

*"Soyuz Crew Returns to Earth Safely After 139 Days on Space Station. Three 

International Space Station crewmembers from Russia, Italy and the United 

States are back on Earth, having landed after five months aboard the orbiting 

outpost." By Robert Z. Pearlman.

I wonder how they got along after 139 days in space. It's almost like being 

aboard a submarine.

*"NET NEUTRALITY Repeal: Critics say the open internet has paved the way for 

innovation and given a platform to those who have historically been excluded

ISPs are set to gain a huge amount of control over what you can and cannot 

access online. AATIF SULLEYMAN. 

President Trump might want to "Make America Great Again," but his wanting to 

repeal net neutrality takes us a step backwards from being great.

*"Republican Sen. Marco Rubio declared Thursday he will vote against the GOP'S 

sweeping tax package unless negotiators expand its child tax credit, jeopardizing 

the Republicans' razor-thin margin as they try to muscle the $1.5 trillion bill 

through Congress next week. 

Just like Governor John Kasich of Ohio, Marco Rubio who both lost their bid 

to run for president. Both still mad and anti-Trump and still seeking revenge.  

*"That 'Feeling in Your Bones' Has Nothing to Do with the Weather. Some people 

say their joint or back pain changes with the weather, but a new study finds no 

link between achy joints and rainfall patterns."

By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer.

I'm 75 years old and have blamed the weather for my aching joints, so now I'm 

going to find something or someone else to blame for my old and painful bones.

*"Hopeful to succeed Netanyahu eyes Israeli-Saudi alliance against Iran. "Iran is 

the big enemy," Katz told Canada's Globe and Mail. “It's very clear we (Israel and 

Saudi Arabia) are practically on the same side. … All Sunni countries are against 


Yisrael Katz, Israel's transportation and intelligene minister, speaks with 

journalists in his office in Tel Aviv, March 7, 2017.  (Associated Press)

By Lukas Mikelionis . ^^

I've always thought that Netanyahu was a great leader. I hope that Yisrael Katz,

if elected, can match the charisma and leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin 


*"Amazon is selling the Apple TV and Google Chromecast again."

*"Ancient Rock Art Mapped in Amazing Detail, Revealing 100-Foot Snake

By Laura Geggel, Senior Writer. 


I wonder if who is reading this is afraid of snakes?

*"Disney-Fox deal: Rupert Murdoch sells assets including Sky for $66bn.

Deal would head off prospect of media mogul taking full control of Sky News."

Josie Cox Business Editor @JosieCox_London.  

The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer.

*"Marcus Mariota apologizes for 'rude' press conference." 

Marcus grew up in Hawaii and not in the south, so I suppose he has an excuse 

for being rude.

*""It Changed Everything": Five Dustin Hoffman Accusers Tell Harrowing Stories 

of Sexually Predatory Behavior. Is there anyone 

besides Tom Hanks that's not a sexual predator in Hollywood?

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