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DEC 17, 2017 - 8:22 AM ET - FIVE SENSES.


"An elderly person with their 5 senses intact should be certainly grateful for 


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certainly grateful for that."


***"Facebook worries it might be bad for you, adds a mute button." By Heather 

Kelly @heatherkelly. All you have to do is "see no 

evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". 

Credit wikipedia. 

What about touch no evil or taste no evil? The 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, 

smell, and sound. Where is speak in all this? Well," be that as it may" (used to 

mean that you accept that a piece of information is true but it does not change 

your opinion of the subject you are discussing.", I'll just type and see how this comes out at 

the end.  

I have excellent taste, touch, smell, sound and sight (only after having cataracts

removed from both eyes and stent and lens implants). I can tell when a food is at 

the end of its' life by smell, except fermented products which are rotten at birth

and remain that way until you eat or drink the last drop. 

All kinds of beans smell bad after a few days in my mini-fridge, but they're still 

okay to eat, just hold your nose think of a banana split and swallow. 

Credit the

I can tell by smell when fruit and milk are spoiled, I being the official smellier in 

the house.

So what or who do I owe for having excellent senses? Exercising, eating healthy

foods and my eye doctor, Dr. Steiner. 

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