Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DEC 19, 2017 - 10:21 AM ET - 10 QUOTES

*A can opener is for opening a can, the kindness of someone is a reason for 

opening your heart. 

*To be as one with nature, is to be as one with an angel.

*Gratefulness is as only good as the recipient believes it to be. 

*To be blessed with a good life, is to blessed by an angel.

*My belief in working hard makes up for those that are lazy.

*Which is worse. Smoking or weighing 300 pounds at 5' 11" tall?

Credit 20thcentury.

*What do they mean when they say "nature calls?" Does it mean to be one with

nature or you need to urinate or defecate?

*Not grateful for your life on earth, read your daily obituary.  

*A 1986 Honda Accord kept in good repair is always better than a $400 a month

car payment.


*For breakfast this morning I ate microwaved salmon, microwaved on 1 side for

3 minutes, then turn the salmon over and microwave for 2 more minutes. What 

a delicious treat salmon is for my morning's repast.

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