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DEC 19, 2017 - 11:03 AM ET - 10 NEWS ITEMS & COMMENTS

*"Congressional Analysis: Middle Class Would Get $150B Tax Cut. Households 

earning between $20,000 and $100,000 annually will receive $144 billion in tax 

cuts, roughly 10 percent of the $1.5 trillion tax cut. About half of taxpayers are in 

this income range." By Jason Devaney. I'm one of the half 

that are between the $20,000 and $100,000 annual income range.

*"#Twitter Purge begins as company suspends accounts deemed hateful, 

violent." Trevor Hughes. I hope that other social media sites

follow in Twitter's footsteps.

*"National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Tuesday that North Korea has 

continued “to perfect” its weapons program and called for swift action from the 

United States and its allies to block the regime from successfully completing its 

nuclear program. 

I'm just wondering who our allies really are?  

*"Top photos of the year." 

Kandy Freeman participates in a Black Lives Matter protest in front of Trump 

Tower in New York City, January 14. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith. 

Residents view the first iceberg of the season as it passes the South Shore, also 

known as "Iceberg Alley", near Ferryland Newfoundland, Canada, April 16. 

REUTERS/Jody Martin.

Go to

idUSRTX3K0L3 for the rest.

*"Are Santa's Reindeer Males? Impossible, scientists say. Here's why: Here on 

the ground, male reindeer shed their antlers at the end of the mating season in 

early December, while females sport their thinner antlers throughout the winter. 

Sounds like Rudolph and the gang were all gals." 

By Live Science Staff.

[Album: Animals' Dazzling Headgear] 


*"Facebook is clamping down on posts that ask people for 'Likes' or shares."

By Kurt Wagner. I certainly don't believe in begging.


CLOCK. ‘Alexa, are you watching me?’" By Dan Seifert@dcseifert  Dec 18, 2017, 

12:00pm EST. Photography by Amelia Holowaty Krales. 

*"Dozens Turn their Back to Betsy DeVos During Graduation Speech.

The controversial education secretary was targeted for loosening protections for 

LGBTQ students and campus sexual assault survivors, and for championing the 

privatization of public schools." JAISAL NOOR.

Is not privatization communism? 

*"Scientists finally confirm there was life on Earth 3.5 billion years ago."

Ephrat Livni @el72champs. December 18, 2017.

This dark rock illuminates the past, with microfossils showing life existed on 

Earth 3.5 billion years ago. (John Valley/University of Wisconsin).

*"Dementia Can't Be Prevented With Exercise, Brain-Training Or Vitamins, Study 

Concludes. Researchers found there is no proven intervention for late-life 

dementia." Natasha Hinde. Reporter at HuffPost UK. I've known people who had dementia and 

it seems to be a terrible burden for their loved ones. I'm hoping to pass before I 

become a burden to anyone.

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