Saturday, December 2, 2017

DEC 2, 2017 - 10:31 AM ET - 10 QUOTES, THOUGHTS & COMMENTS.

*May we all be blessed with the kind act of forgiveness. 

*If you walk half-ass backwards, you will see nothing behind you, unless you 

turn your head, of course, and then you'll only see half of your ass.

*I've always gotten up early in the morning darkness as far as I can remember.

Today is no exception. It's 2:01 AM 12/2/2017 ET. `

*In an email I typed to Lydia who works for Wells Fargo: "Thanks for your quick 

response, Lydia. If I don't get to talk to you again, I hope that you and your co-

conspirators have a wonderful life. I just kidding saying co-conspirators. 

Thanks again,


*Be grateful to God for what you need, but not for what you want.

*Here in northeastern Ohio we're enjoying some unseasonably warm 

temperatures. Today's temperature is forecasted to be 49° with low 50s in the 

last few days and with the average temperature of 42° at this time of year, I 

grateful that I can continue to wear shorts and go barefooted.

*My right foot has been slightly swollen the last few days. I'm wondering if I 

have congestive heart failure of the right foot?

*The difference between a dog and a cat is that the dog is always friendly, but 

the cat seems, at times, to think they're too good to be touched like some people 

I know.

*Even at my age I remain rebellious, disobeying laws that I believe are not 


*To remain indifferent is to remain apart from your fellow human beings.

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