Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DEC 20, 2017 - 8:15 AM ET - 10 OF MY OWN QUOTES

*To wait on no one in particular is to wait for a stranger.

*Most of our Gods think alike. If we could all think like our Gods the world would 

certainly be a more peaceful place. 

*They say AI (Artificial Intelligence) is coming and will take over our work 

lives. What is your plan for doing nothing?

*A real friend is one who sticks with you when you're down and out.

*Some people I've known say that they would prefer to die in warm weather.

What choice do they have in this matter.

*Miracles only come from God and not your doctor, so thank God and pay your

your doctor.


*Church goers often repent on Sunday, going back home to commit the very 

same sins during the week and then back to church on Sunday asking for 

forgiveness again.

*The true meaning of mailing Christmas cards is to mail them not expecting a 

Christmas card in return. 

*Coffee to me is as tea is to Queen Elizabeth II. 

*I do not mind the ailments or maladies of aging, it's just a part of growing old.

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