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"The observation of people's lives is a lesson in understanding of the human 


Forrest Caricofe

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understanding of the human race."


**4:58 PM 12/22/2017 ET. I'm sitting in the food court in Belden Village Mall 

in North Canton, Ohio. I've been a life long observer of human life and I 

thought maybe I could type some of those observations here. 

As I entered I was given a sample of meat on a toothpick from an employee at 

the Sarku Japan restaurant he not realizing that I would eat there later because 

I'd eaten there before and I liked it. That's a good enough reason, I believe.

The two people nearest to me are young people, 1 an African American and the 

other a Caucasian. Not like the old days before integration. They appear to be 

friends and I'm happy for them. 

Just to my front, maybe 10 feet away are a Father and his daughter, I believe.

Or the young woman could be his wife, you never know these days. 

To my slight right and about the same distance away is a gray bearded, gray

haired man and his wife with red hair. They seem to be getting along well, she 

smiling at some of his comments. Both a little overweight and now they are 

leaving, I will never see them again.

There are a lot of teenage kids here, maybe the best place to meet on a Friday

night and maybe to have luck in finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or either or,

you know how things have changed since the old days.

A young lady just came up near me sweeping trash and dirt into a container.

Dressed in black, the uniform of mall employees, she has a walkie talkie on her 

hip, probably as part of the mall security. 

There are other eating places in the food court which I see. TJu Sushi & Thai, 

Sweet Freeze, Stir Fry 88, Charley's Philly Steaks, Sbarro, Chick-fil-A (closed on 



and Dairy Queen. There is more, but I can't see them from here and 

I'm not getting up because I don't want to, period.

People with cell phones to their faces, computers (that's me) and other kinds of

gadgets, how were we entertained 60 years ago when I was a teenager?

As I look around, I see no one angry or upset, everyone nice talking and smiling.

5:38 PM 12/22/2017 ET. Time out, I have to go eat. I'll be back in a jiffy. 


No, it's not the peanut butter, but it means I'll be back in a short time.

6:01 PM 12/22/2017 ET. I changed my mind, I ate at TJu Sushi & Thai. I believe 

I'm old enough to change my mind, don't you think. 

I'm ready to type. I see short and skinny people, short and fat people, short and 

middle weight people, middle sized people with the characteristics of above and 

tall people with the same characteristics as above. 

I usually see or hear a child or baby crying because they're tired or hungry, but

not tonight, it must be because Christmas is coming.

They say that everyone has a twin in this world and I haven't found him yet. I

thought in this crowd of people I might find him, but not tonight. Hopefully, if 

I live long enough, I'll find that someone who looks exactly like me. 

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