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DEC 24, 2017 - 10:31 AM ET - THE HUMAN RACE


"Prejudiceness is a sin, and besides that you are imprisoned by your hate for 

other races except your own."

Forrest Caricofe

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by your hate for other races except your own."


**"While race and ethnicity share an ideology of common ancestry, they differ in 

several ways. First of all, race is primarily unitary. You can only have one race, 

while you can claim multiple ethnic affiliations. You can identify ethnically as 

Irish and Polish, but you have to be essentially either black, white" (red or 

brown). Dalton Conley.

"How many major races are there in the world?"

All races of mankind in the world can interbreed because they have so much in 

common. All races share 99.99+% of the same genetic materials. 

The Major Divisions of the Human Race:

Most anthropologists recognize 3 or 4 basic races of man in existence today. 

These races can be further subdivided into as many as 30 subgroups.

Ethnographic division into races from Meyers Konversationslexikon of 1885-90 is 


1.  Mongolian races (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese, Japanese 

and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, American 

Indian). I've met and talked with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and 

American Indian. I met and talked with a Kurdish woman in a hospital in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia. My research did not conclude which race she was from, so 

I placed her in this category. She worked in cleaning and appeared delighted that 

someone would talk to her meaning to me that she was shunned by those who 

felt superior. 

2.  Negroid races (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian 

Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese). As far as I know, I've only talked with people 

from the African race, 1 who was my supervisor at a Walmart I worked at in 

Omaha, Nebraska. He was from the South Sudan.

3.  Caucasian races (Aryans, Hamites, Semites).


My ancestryDNA analysis confirmed that I'm 13% Irish, some genes from 

western Europe and another majority from the "Iberian Peninsula, which 

includes the countries of Andorra, Portugal and Spain, and the British Crown 

colony of Gibraltar. At the nearest point, it is only 5 miles (8km) from the 

continent of Africa. Nov 17, 2015."

Spain and Portugal are populated with dark skin people, but I'm just a paleface, 

so all the inbreeding over the centuries have created me as a Caucasian. 

Maybe I'm the 4th cousin, once removed, from the daughter-in-law, twice 

removed from the former king of Portugal? Just kidding, of course, but it could 

be true if I figured it out, which I can't. 

From above: "All races share 99.99+% of the same genetic materials."

From that I guess what I'm saying is that we all belong to 1 race, the human 

race and we should all treat each other as brothers and sisters no matter what 

the color of our skin. 

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