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"The memories of your past are an unwritten autobiography of yourself."

Forrest Caricofe

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autobiography of yourself."


**Over the last year and a half, I've typed over 1,106 blogs (I like to call them

stories) with my own quote that relates to my main blog (story) of the day. All

quotes have been typed through Google search for plagiarism.

Below are a few from November and December of this year, 2017:

November 25. "The difference between a whiner and a complainer in most 

instances is that the whiner acts like a spoiled child and a complainer does 


November 26. "Why am I so talkative and friendly, I was born and raised 

during the Silent Generation and I'm trying, after being silent for so long, to 

catch up."

November 27. "Is a nation really free if it doesn't have a free internet?"

November 28. "The world's exploration of space must find somewhere for us to 

go, our earth will not last forever."

November 29. "If President Trump was not elected to the presidency, where 

would this nation be today?"

November 30. "We have false prophets and greediness among us."

TV evangelist, Jack-Van-Impe.

December 1. "If you're an old person with memories of the past and present, 

you don't have dementia, yet."

December 2. "Do not pay for something that is almost always free." 

December 3. "Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, the 

Republican tax bill steals from the middle class and gives to the government." 

December 4. "If you're not as happy as you would like to be, move to Norway."

December 5. "It is a sin to commit suicide. It is a greater sin to commit suicide 

by an opioid overdose."

December 6. "Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is more suited to wild 

animals than to us humans."

December 7. "I'll accept nothing less than equal rights for women."

December 8.  ""If you are a man thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife,"or 

her boyfriend or if you are a woman "thou shalt not covet thy" neighbor's 

husband or his girlfriend.""

December 9. "Those that are angry are a long way from Heaven."

December 10. "The difference between one man and another is equivalent to 

how they've led their lives."

December 11. "May God reserve one of the best places in Heaven for those 

suffering with Dementia, Parkinson's and/or Alzheimer's."


December 12. "Will God condone our use of artificial intelligence?"

December 13. "To be afraid of something is not a sin, but if you don't admit to 

being afraid of something that's a sin."

December 14. "To be happy is to live a wonderful life, to be unhappy is to live a 

life of melancholy."

December 15. "Words of yesteryear have been replaced by the less polite 

words of today."

December 16. "Life expectancy is not determined by statistics, but in your case, 

by God or the devil."

December 17. "An elderly person with their 5 senses intact should be certainly 

grateful for that."

December 18. "To catch seafood is work, to seafood and eat seafood is a delight 

to my palate."

December 19. "To have lived 200 years ago when a woman was a woman and a 

man was a man."

December 20. "Is Heaven simply a fairy tail?"

December 21. "Since one's butt is on the backside, which hand is best to wipe 

with, the left or the right. Try it."

December 22. "The Bible says we are weak if we eat only vegetables, but, of 

course, I beg to differ."

December 23. "The observation of people's lives is a lesson in understanding of 

the human race."

December 24. "Prejudiceness is a sin, and besides that you are imprisoned by 

your hate for other races except your own."

December 25. "Jesus was born on Christmas Day, visiting, gift giving, 

socializing and eating are only a minor part of this day, Jesus' birthday."

December 26. "Unwanted visitors to our house are always a burden upon us."

And my quote for today is at the very top of this page. 

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