Thursday, December 28, 2017

DEC 28, 2017 - 9:43 AM ET - 10 QUOTES AND/OR THOUGHTS

*Part of each day must be spent in preparing for your tomorrows.

*Show kindness to all no matter what their race, class status or the way they 

might dress. 

*We must forget the bad times in our past in order to be happy both today and 

in our tomorrows.

*To reason with someone who is angry, is like trying to reason with a brick 


*The now cold harsh winters can be forgotten to some extent by your memories

of last spring.

*Those of you that have continuing dental problems, you can alleviate that by 

going to Affordable Dentures and purchasing a full set of falsies for about $400.

You'll have to get your permanent teeth pulled, of course, and that will cost 

you about $80 a tooth or if it's a difficult procedure it might be about $110 a 


*To forget our past is to partially erase our future. 

*My doctor wants me to quit smoking. I told him I had a plan for quitting. When

I breathe my last breath on earth.

*To keep up with the well off Jones's is a sin, to keep up with the Smiths, a 

poor family, is not. 


*The wealth of a nation is dependent upon the kindness of its' people.

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