Friday, December 29, 2017

DEC 29, 2017 - 8:16 AM ET - 10 QUOTES AND/OR THOUGHTS

*Don't look into your mirror so often if you're afraid of growing old. 


*The pleasure of a lifetime may come at any moment, so savor it when it 


*To have a friend in need is to have a friend indeed.

*Elementary students are no longer taught cursive writing, must they now sign 

with a X?

*If you are old and cannot see your buttocks, look at the rear end of a zebra.

Credit shutterstock.

It's not quite a match, but it will do because of your age, this maybe the last 

time you'll see some semblance of your buttocks.

*A human cannot be a dog's best friend because the human is always the 


*"To weather the storm" is an idiom, to whether we're going is not. 


*To bless us is from God, to bless you is from me.

*To wait on a companion is a waste of time, go by yourself and you will have 

no burdens to take along.

*Can we speak to lost loved ones? I think not. Sorceress's are greedy and 

always without remorse. 

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