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DEC 30, 2017 - 8:14 AM ET - GOALS IN YOUR LIFE


"To live longer with happiness you must have goals in your life."

Forrest Caricofe

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**I'm kind of "in a pickle" (like "In A Pickle Parrot Shop, address: 7924 

Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147") today because of so many 

things on my mind, I don't know what to type about. 

Credit "In A Pickle Parrot Shop."

Maybe if I just start out typing and see where it leads to? I don't see nothing 

wrong in that. Do you? After all, I'm doing the typing and you're reading and I'll 

see if I can shorten this blog (story) to a 5 minute read. 

You may think I'm losing it because of all my wondering and wandering, but I'll

tell you this, for an elderly man, who looks like a hippy, I believe I'm doing 

pretty good. 


Credit basulcis.wikipedia.

Credit kzombamusicphotography.

Some older people don't have goals in life, they're either grieving over lost 

loved ones on a permanent basis, watch TV all day long, go to McDonald's 

most of the morning to talk to their friends, sitting in the toilet for hours trying 

to poop, etc, etc. You know what I mean. 


I have goals in my life, not doing any of the above except for watching maybe 2 

hours of TV at night for about 5 days a week and it only takes me about 5 

minutes to poop. I go to sleep about 8 PM and wake up at about 3 AM giving me

about 7 hours sleep. I'm alone for about 7 hours since the rest of the family

members don't get up until 10 AM or after that, giving me that much time, 

without interruptions to type my 3 posts, my daily main blog, 1 of 10 quotes &

1 of 10 news items. 

I have other goals or duties, like driving the family to places they need to go to  

since no one else can drive, help clean the house on a weekly basis, or picking 

up, (I'm usually alone), prescription medications at Rite Aid, groceries at Dollar

General, Save A Lot, Walmart or Buehler's Fresh Foods. 


Do you have that many goals in your life? If not, maybe you should? To have 

goals means a much more fulfilled and worthwhile life.

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