Sunday, December 31, 2017

DEC 31, 2017 - 10:19 AM ET - 10 QUOTES AND/OR THOUGHTS

*To be kind to everyone means that you are right in God's eyes. 

*A man is as only good or as bad as his wife wants him to be.


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*People have different skin colors, but that's not important in my world, their

warm heart is the most important to me.

*To get yourself "all gussied up" and go out for a night on the town means that 

you're representing not yourself but another. 

Janet Crouch, scam artist evangelist.

*To be blessed by a friend is important, to be blessed by God is always more 


*6:45 AM 12/31/2017 ET. It's 5° with a low of -5° last night. President Trump

was right, what happened to Global Warming? Oh, by the way, the temperature 

in Nome, Alaska is 23° and the temperature in Nuuk, Greenland is 12°.

*A mug of coffee is to me like a cup of tea is to Queen Elizabeth II. 

*I'm having a delicious treat this morning for breakfast. A piece of salmon 4 

inches square and an inch thick, prepared in the microwave for 3 minutes on 

both sides to perfection. I bet you're envious.

*If you had your choice, would you take the stairway, escalator or interstate to


*Are you good enough to have Jesus fight the devil to make Heaven your 


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