Monday, December 4, 2017


*I you're kind to others, God and his earthly "Angel hugs all around you" will 

always be by your side.

*If God cared so much about humans, why did God create the common house fly 

which is a aggravation to us all?

*Although I can accept and deal with immediate changes, I prefer to plan ahead 

just like last evening, when I drove to Orrville to Dollar General, PNC bank, 

Buehler's Fresh Foods, Dravenstott's Restaurant, Rite Aid and McDonald's, all 

lined up in a row.

*If you expect to go to Heaven, you must accept God's rules of living.

*World religions and geography have always been 2 of my favorite subjects, the 

study of geography once in high school and twice in college and world religions 

once in college.

*I try to have an unprocessed egg each day. I crack a small hole in one end, 

place my finger over the hole, turn it over and crack a hole in the other end and 

suck out the innards, hoping that it isn't an embryo.

*Don't run and hide when faced with evil. Move forward toward the traitorous 

bast&$@ and send the despicable son of a %#&*# straight to hell.

*Those who achieve happiness always look on the brighter side of life.

*Is it tea for 2 or coffee for 2? You know the answer to that, it's always coffee for 

2, except for me, of course, now alone and having coffee for 1.

*There is a sign just as you enter Walmart telling you how many shopping days 

left until Christmas. And do you know? Walmart has changed its' motto from

 “Always Low Prices. Always.” The new slogan will be “Save Money. Live Better.”

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