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DEC 5, 2017 - 11:53 AM ET - OPIOID ADDICTION.


"It is a sin to commit suicide. It is a greater sin to commit suicide by an opioid 


Forrest Caricofe

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suicide by an opioid overdose."


**I've typed about opiate overdoses before in Ohio, but the epidemic is not 

getting any better, but worse.

"Ohio city's morgues are full, thanks to opioid crisis. Here, heroin spares no 

one, not even the sheriff's wife. Story by Poppy Harlow Article by Zach Wasser, 

CNN. Video by Jeff Simon, Haley Draznin and Zach Wasser, CNN Updated 1:18 

AM ET, Tue August 8, 2017. It's 'chemical warfare' on our children." You can watch the video by placing the below URL in your 

browser or I might be able to upload the video.


Narcan™ (naloxone) is an opiate antidote. You can buy Narcan online at various 

online stores. Law enforcement officers carry Narcan to administer if they 

encounter an opioid overdose victim soon enough. 

I remember at the Wayne County Fair in Wooster 2 years that a man fell forward

coming through the entrance gate and was given Narcan immediately because a 

Wayne County sheriff's deputy was there. Another person fell in the grandstands 

and was given Narcan almost immediately because the Wayne County Sheriff's 

headquarters at the fair is about a 100 feet away. 

The September 2017 issue of National Geographic reads: "The Science of 

Addiction. How new discoveries about the brain can help us kick the habit."

Pick up an issue at your local news stand. 

I've also said this before. Make an example of drug dealers, the federal 

government should set sentencing standards for all 50 states, giving them at 

least 25 years in prison, unless they're drug cartel members, then give them life

with no chance of parole. 

Credit Elvis - 'Jailhouse Rock.'

Drug users should not receive jail time, but committed to a rehabilitation institution 

until they are pronounced free of their addiction and and further sentenced to 10 

years of probation. 

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