Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DEC 5, 2017 5:26 PM ET - 10 QUOTES.

*God will have many questions for those that are not grateful for the kindness 

shown by others.

*Walking in ones footsteps is important as long as those footsteps are headed in 

the right direction.

*Be wary of evil, do not worry about those that are decent and virtuous.

*It has been said that our planet will be destroyed in the future, are you right 

with your God to enter your God's Heaven?

*It is always best to listen to another, than most always talking to yourself.

*It is always better to be alone than in the company of evil.

*To be gracious and hospitable, is to live the southern way of life.

*May the harsh cold rain of the morning turn into the awesomeness sunshine of 

the afternoon.

*Your past is only important if it relates to your future.

*To ask someone to help you is not what you should do if you can do it for 


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