Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DEC 6, 2017 - 12:14 PM ET - 10 QUOTES.

*To build friendly relations between leaders of nations leads to friendly relations

between the nation's people.

*Build bridges in friendship, don't burn bridges and destroy your friendships.

*We were born, lived here on earth and then we die. We have to learn to accept 


*To be friends with a stranger is like being friends with a good "Samaritan: a 

native or inhabitant of Samaria."

*Is "bread the staff of life." No, bread will stop you up. At least it always does for

me, especially white bread.


*Whether you're at sea or on land, you need to "Weather the Storms of Life."

*God created us to stand, unless sleeping, so why are you all sitting?

*To travel with someone, except you dog, is to travel with burdens.

Looks like our dog, Dolly Jo.


*Those that whine and complain are cry babies and are a detriment to us all.

*To forsake your family is to forsake God.

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