Thursday, December 7, 2017

DEC 7, 2017 - 11:32 AM ET - 10 QUOTES.

*A stranger is almost always friendlier than someone you know because you 

don't know enough about the stranger to dislike them.

*A church congregation who are not totally listening means that the preacher 

might as well perform an about face and preach to the choir.

*Those who can't get along with someone should stay away from that 


*In making a major decision you should decide, does the decision just benefit

you or does the decision involve the welfare of the human race?

*My favorite hymn along with tears in my eyes is 'Amazing Grace' and it always 

seems to be sung by the voice of an Angel.


*If you are greedy and materialistic God will have many questions than for others 

waiting in line at Heaven's gate.

*I believe in the equality for women. If you don't, join a religion that does not 

condone equality for women. Freedom of choice, but that doesn't mean I like you 

for doing it.

*Online shopping at times is like buying "a pig in a poke."

*To deal with people's temper or anger, I leave not by "run, Forrest, run," 

because I'm older, I just "walk, Forrest, walk."


*I don't believe that the universe created itself, that would be like a baby being

born with no help from the Mother.

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