Friday, December 8, 2017

DEC 8, 2017 - 10:55 AM ET - 10 QUOTES.

 *To want is akin to lust, to need is necessary for survival.

*May we all walk into the sunshine seeking peace and understanding for all of 


*I've been alone most all my life and you know what? I don't mind being alone 

at all.


*For those of us who are happy, we must bless those who are unhappy.

*If you are alone and win, pat yourself on the back, if you're alone and lose 

encourage your own self and move on.

*To believe in God gives us hope for our destiny, to not believe in God gives us 

no expectations for the future.

*To treat everyone with respect and dignity is the right thing to do, unless of 

course, they don't deserve ones respect and dignity.

Credit lizprovasi.wordpress,com.

*We must remind ourselves every once in a while that we are not the only 

person on our planet.

*Win some, lose some. But when you lose never forget to pull up your breeches 

and move on.

*Joy for you are seeds sown with happiness in those that love you.

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