Friday, December 8, 2017

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*"Southern California Fires Live Updates: Threats in Ventura and San Diego 


*"Pope wants better translation of phrase on temptation in 'Our Father' prayer.

From "“lead us not into temptation” to “do not let us fall into temptation.”"

Reuters staff. I agee with Pope Francis. “Lead us not 

into temptation”appears to mean that we're asking God to lead us and “do not let 

us fall into temptation" letting God do more of the work of keeping us away from


*"Biggest Game Awards 2017 Trailers: Death Stranding, Soul Calibur VI, 

Bayonetta 3, And More."

*"One minute world news:


*"US trade agency rules against Canada in lumber dispute. The US is set to 

maintain tariffs on certain Canadian lumber imports after its trade commission 

found US industry was "materially harmed" by the goods. The tariffs, outlined by 

the Commerce Department in November, would add duties that range from about 

10-24%, depending on the company, which is lower than an earlier proposal."

*"Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall changed how we saw primates. These new 

movies change how we see them. This autumn, “Jane the Movie” and “Dian 

Fossey: Secrets in the Mist” showcase the pair’s brilliant contributions in an era 

when women scientists were marginalized by their male counterparts."


*"Alzheimer's Risk for Americans: 46 Million May Be in Early Stages, New 

Estimate Says." By Clyde Hughes.


*"Trump Is Fine, White House Says, And Will Get a Physical Soon To Prove It." He's probably is as "healthy as a horse," 

and younger than me (75, October 27, 1942), President Trump, 71 years old 

and was born on June 14, 1946. 

*On Google's search page today: "Jan Ingenhousz's 287th Birthday."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Jan Ingenhousz


"Jan Ingenhousz or Ingen-Housz FRS was a Dutch physiologist, biologist and 

chemist. He is best known for discovering photosynthesis by showing that light is 

essential to the process by which green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release 


Born: December 8, 1730, Breda, Netherlands.

Died: September 7, 1799, Calne, United Kingdom.

Known for: Photosynthesis.

Nationality: Dutch, British.

Books: '''''Experiments upon Vegetables.

Parents: Arnoldus Ingen-Housz, Maria Beckers."

One of the things I remember from elementary school was learning the process 

of photosynthesis.

*"Al Qaeda calls for attacks against US and its allies over Jerusalem policy." I said several days ago the Muslim world would not be happy 

with President Trump's decision to move the America embassy from Tel Aviv to


Soul Calibur VI

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