Thursday, January 11, 2018

JAN 11, 2018 - 8:23 AM ET - 10 QUOTES

*Babies who die are always God's first choice for being angels.


*Why did the rabbit cross the road? Because the rabbit  wanted to get across 

the road before the chicken.

*If you believe in a form of an amazing afterlife, you should not be afraid of 


*POOP stands for Perform Only On the Pot and PEE stands for Pee Everywhere

Except in the kitchen.

Credit getty images.

*Coffee is my drink/food of the Gods and not chocolate, food of the ancient 

Gods. What would I do without coffee?

*If you have committed a very grievous sin and are on a wanted poster, you

know that you are on the very bottom of God's list to enter Heaven.

Credit google search.

*Bread, rice and potatoes are not the "Staff of Life," they're the cause of 


*I once knew a man who had a recipe for cooking groundhog. He said to cook the

groundhog in a pot, throw away the groundhog and eat the pot.


*Luck means a $1 gold coin in your pocket and a $2 bill in your wallet.

*I'm a smart shopper. At Save A lot, I get some very good deals with the 

exception of canned salmon that is not filled to the top. At Walmart, the Great 

Value brand used to be the cheapest, but now it's either Double "Q" or Pink 


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