Tuesday, January 23, 2018

JAN 23, 2018 - 1:53 PM ET - 10 QUOTES

Note: The last few days, I've had doctor's appointments and have not published a 

main blog (story), so when I get up and about I continue my daily routine.


*Your child must learn to grow up in your footprints. 

*Those who have no goals in life are "couch potatoes."


*Our history will determined what we are as humankind. 

*Our children and grandchildren are the hope for our planet's future. 

*If a public toilet is for the general public, where do private people go to the 

toilet when they have to go?


*I'm having catfish for breakfast and I found a few bones. If had my false teeth 

in my mouth, I chew a swallow them for their calcium content. 

*To be responsible is to be responsible for everyone you know.

*No need to protest if your country is free, protest if your country is run by a 



*A mirror is for looking at your face and not looking at your heart.

 *Just because you have a house full of furniture, it doesn't mean it's a home.

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