Thursday, January 4, 2018

JAN 4, 2018 - 9:12 AM ET - 10 QUOTES OF MY OWN

*I do not carry photographs of loved ones in my wallet, I carry the fond 

memories of them in my mind.

If today you did the same thing you did yesterday and the day before that, you'd 

have a very uninteresting life. 

*The world is not a better place only because of you, but because of you, your 

family and your friends.


*A foolish person speaks loudly intending intimidation and a grasp for power, 

the wise person holds their tongue and remains silent.

*Some memories of the past are forgotten to make room for your memories of 

today and tomorrow.

*Good teachers are a gift from Heaven teaching the young an example of 


*Today and for the next 2 days the high temperatures will be 10°, 7° and 8°.

The average high temperatures for Smithville, Ohio in January are in the low 30s. 

What happen to Global Warming?

*I'm having microwaved tilapia again for breakfast. My spices are coarse black

pepper, basil, parsley flakes, crushed oregano, ground cumin and fine Himalayan

pink salt.

*Another saying that I remember from my youth was when someone ask where 

someone was they'd say that he "went to take a sh^# and the hogs ate him."


*Our real blessings are from God and not from a false prophet preacher. 

Jesse Jackson

*Don't worry about forgotten sacred memories, today's and tomorrow's 

sacred memories await you.

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