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"To observe people is a lost art unless you've been doing it almost all your life."

Forrest Caricofe

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**11:48 AM 1/5/2018 ET. I'm sitting in McDonald's off Arlington Road in Akron 

after dropping off Carolyn at the hair salon. 


I ordered, new to me, a triple cheeseburger for $3 and a large coffee, 3 creams, 

for $1. The cashier was wearing a sweater because of the contuining 0 degree 

weather or less, not dampening her enthuisiam for being polite. From where I 

set in the corner, no it's not because I've been bad, I see only 6 people 

including myself, 4 to my very front and 1 to my left about 20 feet away facing 

east and away from me.

Whoops, things have changed suddenly, now 3 people to my left each one alone

just like me and 2 more to my front, wife and husband perhaps, they look about 

the same age. And to my half left, like a command from the Army's Drill and 

Ceremonies manual, a man, grey hair comb back into almost a duck's ass like 

when I was a teenager. Between my left and my half left there is a TV on the 

wall, but no one is paying attention, perhaps because it's CNN. 

The McDonald's employee who cleans was just in front of me seeming so intent 

on his work that he failed to answer my greeting of "how you doing, young 

man," or perhaps it was because he was listening to music, seeing plugs in his 

ears for that very same thing.

12:19 PM 1/5/2018 ET. I need a break. This 1 finger typing is tiring me out. 


1:41 PM 1/5/2018 ET. I just arrived at Belden Village Mall in North Canton, 



It's a 20 minute drive south on Interstate 73 from the McDonald's that 

I typed about above. I passed most vehicles in sight, averaging 75 miles per 

hour when the speed limit sign read 65 miles per hour.. If I would have obeyed 

the speed limit, it would have certainly taken me 30 minutes to drive the 

distance. It's certainly hard to rein in this Honda sometimes.

Oh, I forgot. The 3 people to the front of me in McDonald's appeared to be a 

husband and wife, both twice the weight for their size and their daughter,

who worked for McDonald's because of the uniform she wore, seemed to be 

anorexic. As they left, the husband went out first and and picked up a 5 gallon 

white bucket from his grey almost brand new grey Ford F 250 pickup truck. 


He brought it back in to McDonald's and went into the cleaning room and filled 

the bucket with water and took it back, placed it in the back of the truck, 

secured it and then got in the truck and started it. He moved quite good for his 

weight. His wife similar in weight to height, moved a little slowly and through 

all this process I'm explaining to you, the husband seemed to care a lot for his 


I believe, because of the cold weather, that their pipes were frozen at home and 

that they needed the water for home use.

2:05 PM 1/5/2018 ET. Back to Belden Village Mall and in the food court.


I typed a blog (story) some time ago about this very place and my observations 

of people, and as before, everyone seemed happy, all of about 300 of them today. 

I like being friendly, but today I chose to watch other people being friendly.

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