Saturday, January 6, 2018

JAN 6, 2018 - 7:43 AM ET - 10 OF MY OWN QUOTES

*Is it "shop until you drop" or is it drop before you shop knowing the cost 


*If they're any angels among us, raise your hands. Nothing. Maybe I'll try it 

again tomorrow.

*Those of you that think that you're the only one that's important. Think again

and change your thinking or the devil will be shaking your hand.

*A happy family is a family of wonderful and loving people.

*If you think you're breathing good on earth, wait until you breathe the air of


*To want is to need, to desire is to long for. 

*"It is not whether you win or lose," it's how you treat the opposing players in 

the game.


*You earn a "guardian angel" by being gracious to others.

*If you've already forgotten your New Year's resolution, wait until January 1, 

2019, you might think of it by then. 

*The cold temperatures in this area have lasted for a while, but things are 

looking up, 11° today, 36° on Monday and 52° next Thursday. I think I'll go to 

Victoria Secret and buy a bikini.

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