Thursday, February 1, 2018

FEB 1, 2018 - 12:12 PM ET - 11 NEWS ITEMS WITH PHOTOS

*"Monopoly is releasing a special edition of its iconic game that's made 

specifically for cheaters." Kirsten Acuna. Jan. 30, 2018, 12:00 PM.

"Here's how the Cheaters Edition of Monopoly will look. It comes with a 

handcuff!" Credit Hasbro.

*"Facebook’s U.S. user count declines as it prioritizes well-being."

Posted 13 hours ago by Josh Constine (@joshconstine).


*"Rocket League has a busy spring, including making the Switch version look 

better." 2018-01-31, 16:15:00by Brett Makedonski.

"There will be a public tournament beta on Steam sometime in February. Also, on 

February 7, season 6 ends and season 7 begins. The reward for season 6 is a 

new set of wheels, and here's what they look like:

Video uploaded to several social media sites.

*"Controversial bill passed in Polish Senate amid tensions with Israel. The Polish 

Senate has approved a proposed law that could mean a jail term for anyone who 

accuses the nation of being complicit in Nazi German crimes during World War 

II, despite the risk of escalating tensions with Israel and a warning from the US."


*"Polls Give Trump High Marks on Speech."

"(AP) By Jeffrey Rodack    |   Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018 01:20 PM.

*"India budget offers free cooking gas, health plan for poor."

"NEW DELHI –  India's finance minister has announced a federal budget with a 

string of populist giveaways, from free cooking gas to a health plan for the poor, 

in an attempt to woo voters ahead of national elections next year."

*"Apple, Amazon, Alphabet: The race to a trillion dollars. The tech giants are on 

track to become worth more than $1tn, but which will be the first?"


*On Google's search page today: "Learn about the man who inspired Black 

History Month. Carter G. Woodson."

Click on "Black History Month" for a 2 page slide show and short bio. 

*"San Francisco to dismiss thousands of pot convictions. Reuters) - Thousands 

of San Francisco residents convicted of marijuana offenses since 1975 will see 

those convictions dismissed or reduced under an effort announced on 

Wednesday by the city’s district attorney.

California’s Proposition 64, which legalized recreational pot use and possession 

and reduced criminal penalties, allowed people to ask a court to reduce or 

dismiss past marijuana convictions." Reporting by Chris Kenning in Chicago; 

Editing by Peter Cooney.

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust. 



*"British Lord who resigned for being late has un-resigned. Although he was just 

a couple of minutes late, Bates went on to say: “I am thoroughly ashamed at not 

being in my place and therefore I shall be offering my resignation to the prime 

minister ... with immediate effect.” Some hours after the spectacular resignation, 

a spokesperson for British Prime Minister Theresa May (who is on a trip to China) 

said: “With typical sincerity, Lord Bates today offered to tender his resignation, 

but his resignation was refused as it was judged this was unnecessary."

By Jennifer Hassan February 1 at 6:52 AM Email the author

*"Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. The government shutdown is over. Can 

lawmakers meet their next deadline to reach an immigration deal? Also, a rare 

look inside Raqqa, Syria. The former ISIS stronghold is in ruins, and the U.S. is 

heavily invested in rebuilding it."


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