Saturday, February 10, 2018

FEB 10, 2018 - 9:34 AM ET - 10 OF MY OWN QUOTES & PHOTOS

*The difference between one person and another are the events that they've 

encountered in their past.

Credit: brendalynch.

Credit: daytonelementary.

*To pick your nose in public is wrong, to pick both of your nostrils with both your 

fingers is disgusting. 



*I thanked my eye doctor for allowing me to see for the best I've seen in 30 

years or more because of eye surgery, but the doctor is not responsible, it's God 

who guided his hands who is responsible for my for sight.


*The danger of walking alone is none, as long as you have an angel beside you. 



*In my younger days I use to drink my favorite non-blended whiskey, Wild 

Turkey and chase it with a Millers. I'm much older so my only satisfaction now is 

a can of King Oscar Sardines and a glass of well water, no ice.


*Dr. Kwok is my old people's, doctor, born in Hong Kong, his parents born and 

raised in Taiwan, he always makes sure you I'll  have no future pain because of 

his nurse's shot to my upper buttocks. He saved my butt recently when I had the

flu and I'm certainly grateful for Dr. Kwok and his staff. So all you old people out 

there, if you need a good doctor, make an appointment with Elizabeth III, the 

receptionist, and go to see Dr. Kwok. 

Credit: Tai-Chi T. Kwok, MD. Internal Medicine - Geriatrics, Family Medicine.

*"What the hell is going on" as my Father said and I do today when confronted 

with something we didn't understand. Several days ago it was "as cold as a 

witches' ti#" at 8° and today the temperature will be 35° with temperatures

rising to a high of 49° next Thursday. "What the hell is going on."


*We all know that STOP said backwards spells POTS, but you don't know that 

GO spelled backwards is after you go through the green light, take your car Over 

to the Garage.


*I did not grow up playing soccer or rugby, still not quite understanding the 

game of soccer, but rugby is different and much like professional football played 

in America except that rugby players wear no helmets or pads. 



*I've been over the flu for a week now, they saying that it's rare, but you can 

catch it for second time. The way I felt for about 4 days with aching muscles and 

a slight fever, I'm surely not going to chase after it to get it for the second time.



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