Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FEB 13, 2018 - 8:44 AM ET - 10 NEWS ITEMS & PHOTOS

*"Cyclone destroys Parliament House on Tonga, moves to Fiji. Associated Press February 12, 2018.

Updated February 12, 2018, 8:56 pm.

"First responders with a backhoe work amid strong winds and heavy rain from 

Tropical Storm Gita to clear part of the main road at Fagaalu village in American 

Samoa. Officials in American Samoa began a full assessment today of damage 

caused by tropical storm Gita over the weekend."

*"Drivers who get stoned on 4/20 (420, 4:20, or 4/20 is a code-term in cannabis 

culture that refers to the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis 

around the time 4:20 p.m. and smoking cannabis in celebration on the date April 

20. Wikipedia) are just as dangerous as drivers who get drunk on Super Bowl 

Sunday. By Karen Kaplan. FEB 12, 2018 | 8:00 AM.

"The risk of a fatal vehicle crash on American roads is 12% higher after 4:20 

p.m. on April 20 than on similar days that have no particular connection to 

marijuana, according to data from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety 


420, 4:20, or 4/20 is a code-term in cannabis culture that refers to the 

consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. 

and smoking cannabis in celebration on the date April 20. Wikipedia.

*"Trump to Urge Wall, Opioid Spending as Congress Sets Own Course."

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018, 09:23 PM.

"Border wall prototypes near the Tijuana border.

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*"Russian plane crashes near Moscow, killing all 71 aboard."

John Bacon, Published 7:50 a.m. ET, Feb. 11, 2018 | 

Updated 2:41 p.m. ET Feb. 11, 2018.

A Russian passenger jet (Saratov Airlines Flight 703) with 71 people aboard 

crashed several minutes after takeoff from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, 

according to Russia's Air Transport Agency. There were no immediate reports of 

survivors. Wochit.

*"Interior Ministry: Saakashvili detained during inspection of places frequented 

by illegal migrants. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has revealed details of the 

detention of former Georgian President and leader of New Forces Movement 

Mikheil Saakashvili.

"“The stateless person, Saakashvili, was found in a public catering outlet in the 

course of interagency inspections. He was wanted by the State Migration Service, 

and Poland agreed to his readmission,” the ministry said in a statement posted 

on its website." By Interfax-Ukraine.  Published Feb. 13 at 10:23 am.

"This undated photo shows the logo of Ukrainian Interior Ministry."

Photo by Ukrainian Interior Ministry/Facebook.

*"Sea of Thieves is huge, fun, and just what the Xbox One needs. A jolly open 

world on the high seas. 

"I've spent hours pretending to be a pirate, eating bananas in a peculiar fashion, 

smiling until I cried, and getting drunk to the point of dizziness — all with the help 

of an Xbox controller. British video game developer Rare, creator of classics like 

Battletoads, GoldenEye 007, and Banjo-Kazooie, has moved in a new direction 

with the upcoming pirate game Sea of Thieves. The studio has been stuck making 

Kinect games for Microsoft’s discontinued Xbox accessory in recent years, and 

Sea of Thieves is an impressive return to form. It’s been teased for years, and it 

sets sail next month as Microsoft’s big new Xbox One and PC exclusive where 

console players can battle." 

PC gamers for buried treasure."

By Tom Warren@tomwarren, Feb 13, 2018, 3:01am EST.

*"Vic Damone Dies: Legendary Singer, Songwriter & Actor Was 89."

By Denise Petski. February 12, 2018 9:13 am.


*"Dhaka court sentences former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to five 

years on corruption charges. Saturday, February 10, 2018.

On Thursday, Dhaka high court sentenced former Bangladeshi Prime Minister 

Khaleda Zia to a five year prison term for corruption. Her son Tarique Rahman 

and four others involved in the case were each sentenced to ten years.

Zia was prosecuted for embezzling ৳21 million (about US$250 thousand) from 

foreign donations to an orphanage while she was prime minister. 72-year-old 

Zia, who became the first female to head the Bangladeshi government in 1991, 

was sent to jail minutes after the ruling. Her son Tarique Rahman, who lives in 

England, was not present for the hearing. Judge Mohammad Akhteruzzaman said 

Zia "was given a shorter term considering her health and social status". 

According to the Law Minister Anisul Huq, Zia can apply for bail and also go to 

the Supreme Court. Zia's lawyer Khandker Mahbub Hossain said, "We didn't get 

justice. We'll go to the higher court". Per Bangladeshi law, if a person is jailed 

for over two years, they are ineligible to stand in election for a period of five years. 

Parliamentary polls of Bangladesh are scheduled to be conducted in December."


*"24 January 2018: US Vice President Pence speaks to Israeli Knesset: US 

embassy to move to Jerusalem." Wikipedia.

Mike Pence (official portrait).

Image: The White House.

*On Google's search page today: Day 5 of the Doodle Snow Games!


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