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FEB 26,2018 - 1:00 PM ET - 10 NEWS ITEMS IN BRIEF, 14 PHOTOS & 1 VIDEO

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*"In Pictures. Week in pictures.

Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the 

world this week.

"A dog competes in the Masters Agility Championship during the Westminster 

Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City." STEPHANIE KEITH/ GETTY IMAGES.

"A Congolese festival-goer dressed as a robot attends the Amani Festival in 

Goma, an event organised to promote peace and culture in the eastern 

Democratic Republic of Congo and Great Lakes region." JOHN WESSELS/ AFP.

A street in the Balduina district of Rome collapsed into a construction site up, 

swallowing six cars. Although no casualties were reported, more than twenty 

families were evacuated." TIZIANA FABI/ AFP.

*"Major quake cuts communications, halts oil and gas operations in Papua New 

Guinea. WELLINGTON/MELBOURNE (Reuters) - At least one company began 

evacuating non-essential personnel after a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit 

Papua New Guinea’s energy-rich interior on Monday, causing landslides, 

damaging buildings and closing oil and gas operations."

By Charlotte Greenfield, Sonali Paul. 

"A supplied image shows a landslide and damage to a road located near the 

township of Tabubil after an earthquake that struck Papua New Guinea's Southern 

Highlands, February 26, 2018." Jerome Kay/Handout via REUTERS.

*"New Book Reveals Biblical Truths Are Literally 'Etched in Stone.' A new book by 

Lisette Bassett-Brody is so remarkable. Despite her solid Christian credentials, 

"Etched in Stone: Archeological Discoveries that Prove the Bible" is like a 

beautiful antique that remains as functional as it is attractive. Former Arkansas 

Gov. Mike Huckabee says, "Etched in Stone" provides "every Bible-believing 

Christian with a valuable witnessing tool that should be required reading for every 

churchgoer today.""

Image: New Book Reveals Biblical Truths Are Literally 'Etched in Stone'

(Dreamstimes. By David A. Patten.  Sunday, 25 Feb 2018, 09:30 PM.

© 2018 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

*"Sony Is Getting Serious About Smartphones Again, and It's Great. With the new 

Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, it finally feels like Sony is taking smartphones 

seriously again."

Sam Rutherford. Today 2:45 am. Filed to: SONY IS SERIOUS ABOUT PHONES 


Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo).


DEMANDS. “We... are following with great concern the systematic campaign 

against the Churches and the Christian community in the Holy Land, in flagrant 

violation of the existing Status Quo.”"


"Jerusalem heads of churches in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which 

closed over municipality's tax demands on February 25th, 2018.." 

(photo credit: MAB-CTS)

*On Google's search page today: "Calling all young artists: 1 week left to submit 

your artwork for Doodle 4 Google."


*"Israeli PM Netanyahu 'cannot cling on to power much longer.' Analysts say 

Israeli PM Netanyahu's days in office are numbered as police investigate two new 

corruption probes." By Jonathan Cook.

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is the victim of police 

persecution over corruption allegations." [Gali Tibbon/Reuters]

*"To lose weight, focus on what you eat, not how much: study. Counting calories 

obsessively is not the key to trimming your waistline, according to a new study 

published Tuesday in JAMA. The study, from Stanford University researchers, 

found that paying attention to what you eat is more important than focusing on 

how much.

Researchers monitored the diets of more than 600 overweight adults. Even 

though the subjects did not focus on cutting calories, they lost an average of about 

12 pounds over the course of a year. The weight changes ranged from a reduction 

of 60 pounds to a gain of 15.

The study randomly assigned participants to reduce fat or carbohydrate intake. 

Subjects were not provided with food. Rather, they sat through 22 health 

education classes, where they learned how to shop, cook and dine nutritiously. 

They were also encouraged to be physically active.

The results, based on self-reports from the study subjects, showed that both the 

low-carb and low-fat groups reduced their daily calorie intake by an average of 

about 500 calories. Being assigned to the low-carb or low-fat group didn’t affect 

the results." By —Lesley McClurg, KQED Science. Feb 25, 2018, 11:41 AM EST.

"A box of vegetables is displayed at a 900 square meters farm garden on the 

rooftop of a postal sorting center, as part of a project by Facteur Graine (Seed 

Postman) association to transform a city rooftop as a vegetable garden to grow 

fruits, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants, with also chickens and bees in 

Paris, France, September 22, 2017."

Picture taken September 22, 2017. Photo By Charles Platiau/Reuters.

*"Let's Talk About US Meddling, Too."  

*"India in Pictures.




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