Saturday, February 3, 2018

FEB 3, 2018 - 11:31 AM ET - 10 NEWS ITEMS & PHOTOS

*" More than 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures have been uncovered 

in Peten, Guatemala.

The abundance of defensive walls, ramparts and fortresses suggests that warfare 

was rife. Ground-breaking research used so-called LIDAR technology that utilises 

light from lasers.

'I know it sounds hyperbolic but when I saw the imagery, it did bring tears to my 

eyes', said one researcher

The discovery suggests that Central America supported a civilization that was, at 

its peak 1,500 years ago, more advanced than ancient Greek and Chinese 


By Phoebe Weston For PUBLISHED: 

13:16 EST, 2 February 2018 | UPDATED: 19:31 EST, 2 February 2018.

Credit wildbluemedia. Channel 4. 

Video uploaded to several social media sites.

Petén Department, Guatemala.

*"NBC Says Ads for Super Bowl LII Have Sold Out. Anheuser-Busch InBev, 

PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Mars' M&Ms and Hyundai are among the 

advertisers taking part in this year's advertising antics."

Image:  (Chris Williams/Getty Images)

Friday, 02 Feb 2018 07:38 PM.

*"NEW DELHI: Two "Pakistan-trained" Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists arrested 

by police in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday claimed that they received visas 

from the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi, reported ANI. "The arrested 

terrorists were given Pakistani visas by Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. 

It's pertinent to mention that for past couple of years police has unearthed 

several such modules who lure young boys to Pakistan to get trained and join 

militancy," ANI quoted the Baramulla police as saying.

The two terrorists were arrested in a joint operation by the police, Army and 

CRPF in Baramulla."

"Two 'Pakistan-trained' terrorists arrested by police in Jammu and Kashmir 

claimed that they received visas from the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi

Upon questioning they also revealed that they had trained alongside a large 

group of Pakistani boys, most of whom were from Balochistan."


*"Prostate cancer deaths overtake those from breast cancer." 2 February 2018.

"The number of men dying from prostate cancer has overtaken female deaths 

from breast cancer for the first time in the UK, figures show."

Video uploaded to several social media sites.

*"Final Fantasy XII Runs Pretty Well On PC." Jason Schreier.

Yesterday 2:58pm. Filed to: FINAL FANTASY.

*"Don't count out Warren Buffett in Berkshire Hathaway's race against Amazon, 

other tech giants toward $1 trillion. Berkshire Hathaway is up 5.5 percent this 

year and 28 percent over the last 12 months, beating the S&P 500.

Buffett's conglomerate ranks sixth in market value and is the biggest non-tech 

U.S. company.

And a growing economy is seen lifting profits for transportation, energy and 

consumer product companies: all in Berkshire's orbit." Liz Moyer. Published 15 

Hours Ago.  Updated 13 Hours Ago.

David A. Grogan | CNBC.

*"Venezuela’s most-wanted rebel shared his story, just before being gunned 

down. Oscar Perez, the police pilot who commandeered a helicopter and called 

on Venezuelans to rise up, spoke with journalists in the days and hours before he 

was killed by government forces." Nicholas Casey, a day ago.

"Pérez’s body was buried by the government early in the morning on 21 January 

against his family’s will. The grave, in a Caracas cemetery, was marked with a 

brick and a uniform." Photography by Getty.

*"Michele Bachmann Asked God Whether She Should Run for Senate, and She 

Got Her Answer. The almighty has spoken. Loudly. With a billboard in St. Paul, 

Minnesota." By Jen Hayden / DailyKos, February 2, 2018, 10:00 AM GMT.

Marissa Luna


"Billboard currently outside our office...who did this?" 🙌🏽 #mnsen #mnleg

10:00 AM - Feb 1, 2018.

*On Google's search page today: "Elizabeth Blackwell's 197th birthday."

Click on the Doodle to see a short bio from wikipedia. 

Credit wikipedia.


*"'She kind of came back from the dead': Dog returns home 10 years after going 

missing. Abby wandered off a decade ago from her home but has now returned, 

well-fed and healthy, and still answers to her name." 09:23, UK, Saturday, 03 

February, 2018.


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