Wednesday, March 28, 2018

MAR 28. 2018 - 10:00 AM ET - 10 BRIEF NEWS ITEMS

*"Jews and Arabs living side by side.

In 1978 a small community called Wahat al-Salam, Neve Shalom - meaning 

"oasis of peace" - was founded by four families, Jews and Arabs, on a hill-top 

between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It was a pioneering experiment in peaceful co-

existence in the long Middle East conflict. Four decades on, it is now home to 

more than 60 families. Two of its long-standing residents, Nava Sonnenschein 

and Daoud Boulus, spoke to Witness about life in this "oasis of peace.""


*"China Says NKorea Pledges Denuclearization During Friendly Visit."

*"Jimmy Carter calls Donald Trump’s decision to appoint John Bolton his ‘worst 

mistake.’" By — Daniel Bush. Politics Mar 27, 2018, 12:00 AM EDT.

*"Why women could sway the 2018 midterms." - YouTube.

*"China preparing list of retaliatory tariffs on US imports." Global Times.

*"FOOD. Want to Reduce Your Risk of Death by 12%? Eat More Chili Peppers.

JalapeƱos have some surprising health benefits."

By Erica Julson / Authority Nutrition March 27, 2018, 10:00 AM GMT.

*"Former Kinder Morgan Engineer Speaks Out Against Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Romilly Cavanaugh, an environmental engineer who worked for Kinder Morgan, 

was arrested for participating in non-violent protests in Burnaby, British 

Columbia. She explains why she opposes the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline."

*"Sydney experiences hottest March day in 35 years."

*Google celebrates "Hannah Glasse's 310th birthday. Hannah Glasse.


"Hannah Glasse was an English cookery writer of the 18th century. She is 

remembered mainly for her bestselling cookbook The Art of Cookery made Plain 

and Easy, first published in 1747." Wikipedia.

Born: March 1708, London, United Kingdom.

Died: September 1, 1770, London, United Kingdom.




*"Have Scientists Discovered A New Organ?" YouTube.

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