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MAR 3, 2018 - 1:00 PM ET - 10 SPACE & SCIENCE, 8 PHOTOS & 4 VIDEOS

*"A Single Psychedelic Drug Trip Can Change Your Personality for Years."

By Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer. March 1, 2018, 02:41 

pm ET.

"A review of 18 studies suggests that taking LSD, "magic" mushrooms, or 

ayahuasca even once can have lasting effects on personality."


*"Watch Live Now! Atlas V Rocket Launching GOES-S Weather Satellite @ 5:02 

pm ET. By, Staff. March 1, 2018, 04:29 pm ET.

*"March Full Moons 2018: When to See the 'Worm Moon' and a (Blue) 'Sap 

Moon.' The month of March opens and closes with a full moon this year, making 

this the second "Blue Moon" month in 2018.

The moon becomes full on Thursday, March 1, at 7:51 p.m. EST (0051 GMT) and 

again on Saturday, March 31, at 8:37 a.m. EDT (1237 GMT). The first Blue Moon 

of 2018 was the spectacular Super Blue Blood Moon of Jan. 31."

By Jesse Emspak,, Contributor. February 28, 2018, 10:15 am ET.

*"'Bomb Cyclone' Will Pummel Parts of the US East Coast Starting Tonight."

By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer. March 1, 2018, 04:32 

pm ET.

"Clouds gather over the northeastern U.S. in this image captured today (March 1) 

by the GOES-East satellite."

Credit: NOAA.

*"NASA Mars Lander Arrives at Launch Site to Prep for May Liftoff."

By Mike Wall,, Senior Writer. March 2, 2018, 07:14 am ET.

"NASA's InSight Mars lander is loaded into a C-17 cargo aircraft at Buckley Air 

Force Base in Denver, for shipment to Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on 

Feb. 28, 2018."

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Lockheed Martin Space.

*"Poop Stains Lead Researchers to Hidden 'Supercolony' of 1.5 Million Penguins. 

Explorers beware: The Danger Islands — a remote handful of rocks huddled 

among sheets of treacherous sea ice near the northern tip of the Antarctic 

Peninsula — are full of penguins. 

One might not imagine penguins to be dangerous, per se, but then again one has 

probably never seen (or smelled) 1.5 million of them breeding at once. According 

to a new paper published today (March 2) in the journal Scientific Reports, that's 

about how many Adélie penguins were recently found nesting in a previously 

unknown "supercolony" on the seldom-studied Danger Islands."

By Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer. March 2, 2018, 07:35 

am ET.

"Researchers used an aerial quadcopter to help count the massive penguin 

breeding colony."

Credit: Thomas Sayre McChord, Hanumant Singh, Northeastern University, © 

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

*"This Is the World's Last Male Northern White Rhino — and He's Sick. Sudan, a 

45-year-old rhino and the last male of his subspecies (Ceratotherium simum 

cottoni), is ailing in the wake of two infections on his back right leg, according to 

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the wildlife sanctuary in Kenya where the last three 

northern white rhinoceroses on the planet live."

By Stephanie Pappas,, Contributor. March 1, 2018, 02:05 

pm ET.

"Sudan, the last Northern White Rhino.

Credit: Glyn Edmunds/REX/Shutterstock.

*"Floating 'Brain' Will Assist Astronauts Aboard the Space Station. The crew on 

board the International Space Station (ISS) will soon welcome a new member — 

one that is 3D-printed from metal and plastic and is described by its creators as 

"a kind of flying brain."

It goes by the name CIMON, short for "Crew Interactive Mobile Companion." 

Built by the aerospace design company Airbus in collaboration with IBM, CIMON 

houses artificial intelligence (AI) in an autonomous, spherical body that would 

"float" in the space station's microgravity environment, with a screen that can 

display data readouts for astronauts — or present an image of a friendly face — 

as well as a voice shaped by IBM's AI technology.

The robot is tasked with supporting the ISS astronauts as a type of assistant, and 

free-flying CIMON would be the first AI-based mission on the ISS, Airbus 

representatives said in a statement. [From Reactive Robots to Sentient Machines: 

The 4 Types of AI]."

By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer. March 2, 2018, 09:13 

am ET.

CIMON says: "I'm ready to be an astronaut!"

Credit: Airbus.

*"Satellite View Shows 'Bomb Cyclone' Battering U.S. East Coast."

By Elizabeth Howell,, contributor. March 2, 2018, 07:20 pm ET.

"A stunning video from space shows a winter storm – also known as a "bomb 

cyclone" – slamming into the northeast United States today (March 2). Flooding 

and sheets of snow and rain accompanied the storm, along with strong waves 

along the coasts."

The images from the GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental 

Satellite)-East satellite show the storm developing and morphing since Tuesday 

(Feb. 27).

*"Stephen Hawking Says He Knows What Happened Before the Big Bang. 

Stephen Hawking has an answer, which he gave in an interview with his 

almost-as-famous fellow scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Hawking discusses these 

ideas and others on the series finale of Tyson's "StarTalk" TV show, which airs 

this Sunday (March 4) at 11 p.m. ET on the National Geographic Channel.

Hawking's answer to the question "What was there before there was anything?" 

relies on a theory known as the "no-boundary proposal.""

By Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer. March 2, 2018, 04:36 

pm ET.

"What was there before there was anything? Stephen Hawking might know the 


Credit: Shutterstock.

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