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MAR 5, 2018 - 1:00 PM EDT - 10 BRIEF NEWS ITEMS, 8 PHOTOS & 7 VIDEOS

*"Jimmy Kimmel Kicks Off the 90th Academy Awards."

*"Trump Suggests US Will Meet With North Korea. In the midst of a joke-filled 

monologue at a dinner with journalists, President Donald Trump suggested on 

Saturday that the United States will be meeting with North Korea but has told 

Pyongyang it must first "denuke."

"Now we are talking and they, by the way, called up a couple of days ago. They 

said that 'we would like to talk.' And I said 'So would we, but you have to 

denuke, you have to denuke,'" Trump told attendees at the annual Gridiron Club 


"We will be meeting and we'll see if anything positive happens," he added.

Sunday, 04 Mar 2018 04:05 PM. 

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FUNNY CATS  - YouTube.

*"Monster Hunter: World Sales Top 7.5 Million, Becomes Capcom’s Best Selling 


March 5, 2018. Written by Tyler Treese.

"Monster Hunter: World is now Capcom’s best-selling game ever. The Japanese 

publisher announced today that the action role-playing game has shipped over 

7.5 million units on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC release is planned for later 

this year, so the number will only raise."

*"Saudi Arabia and Egypt agree to a $10 billion deal to build a new mega-city

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have agreed to create a $10 billion joint fund to develop 

a mega-city in Egypt's southern Sinai Peninsula.

The investment deal was announced on Sunday as Saudi Crown Prince 

Mohammed bin Salman met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo.

Late last year, Saudi Arabia's government announced it was going to build a 

$500 billion mega-city called NEOM."

Sam Meredith@smeredith19.

*"One-minute World News

Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news 

updated 24 hours a day."

*"Sunday alcohol sales begin in Indiana."


"Indiana grocery and liquor stores sold carryout alcohol on Sunday for the first 

time March 4."

*"News Wrap: Trump meets with NRA official amid calls for gun control ..."


*"Maria Contreras-Sweet Group buys The Weinstein Company assets, saves it 

from bankrupcy. On Thursday in a meeting at New York Attorney General Eric 

Schneiderman's office, Maria Contreras-Sweet Group, billionaire Ron Burkle, and 

a number of other investors acquired assets of The Weinstein Company for 

reportedly about US$500 million. The Weinstein Company had financial 

difficulties and was nearly bankrupt after Harvey Weinstein was accused of 

sexual misconduct by dozens of women last year, which impacted the business 

budget." Sunday, March 4, 2018.

Eric Schneiderman, from file, 2012. 

Image: Lonnie Tague, United States Department of Justice.

Maria Contreras Sweet, from file, 2014. 

Image: Small Business Administration.

Harvey Weinstein, from file, 2011. 

Image: David Shankbone.

*"Trump’s commerce secretary denies that aluminum and steel tariffs would 


Updated: Sunday, March 4, 2018, 4:38 PM

"The notion that it would destroy a lot of jobs, raise prices, disrupt things, is 

wrong,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said." (POOL/GETTY IMAGES).

*"Lassa fever: The killer disease with no vaccine. Since the beginning of the year, 

Nigeria has been gripped by an outbreak of a deadly disease. Lassa fever is one 

of a number of illnesses which can cause dangerous epidemics, but for which no 

vaccine currently exists.

Lassa fever is not a new disease, but the current outbreak is unprecedented, 

spreading faster and further than ever before.

Health workers are overstretched, and a number have themselves become 

infected and died.

The potentially fatal disease is a so-called "viral haemorrhagic fever", which can 

affect many organs, and damage the body's blood vessels.

But it is difficult to treat.

Most people who catch Lassa will have only mild symptoms such as fever, 

headache and general weakness. They may have none at all.

However, in severe cases, it can mimic another deadly haemorrhagic fever, Ebola, 

causing bleeding through the nose, mouth and other parts of the body."

By Dr Charlie Weller. Head of Vaccines. Wellcome Trust.


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