Wednesday, June 27, 2018

JUNE 27, 2018 - 6:00 AM ET - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*Our dog, Dolly Jo, a Maltese, is special, she gets a dogie treat when we leave 

the house without her and come back, every time she eats her dog food or 

every time when she poops.


*My ancestryDNA analysis stated that my ancestors where from western Europe,

13% Irish and some from the Iberian Peninsula which "includes the countries of 

Andorra, Portugal and Spain, and the British Crown colony of Gibraltar."


*I use a beach towel for drying off after a shower rather than a regular towel.

*Sinners can only be forgiven if their friends forgive them first.

*I like dark chocolate and dark chocolate likes me, it "helps lower blood pressure 

and cholesterol, improve cognition and possibly lower the risk of diabetes."


*All you other old people who have bad teeth, go online to see where your 

nearest Affordable Dentures is at, about $400 for their cheapest full set of 

dentures, all in the same day. You can also call at 1-800-DENTURE.

*If you commit 1 sin you can be forgiven, if you commit 2 sins, God will think 

twice, commit 3 sins and you've struck out in the devil's baseball game.


*I'm eating Grandma Utz's Handcooked Potato Chips. I wonder whose Grandma 

she is?

*Rhyme: All us old men are called old codgers,

and fans of the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

*A nation of free people is a nation of happiness.


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