Monday, July 16, 2018

JULY 16, 2018 - 7:00 AM ET - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*I like watching kids who can tap dance.

*My face and a clock are the same in that both show the passage of time.



*To be totally alone is sad, to be along knowing you have friends is 


*My grandmother Cline read the Bible 14 times during her life time, my 

grandparent's Cline had 4 children and 14 grandchildren, maybe 1 of her

readings was for me. Dedicated to Dustin and James.


*A rope can be used in a hanging among other things. ROPE stands for 

Relieve yourself Of Peeing just anywhere or Everywhere. 

*I take a shot of Pepto Bismol when my stomach is upset.

*Ever since I got belly sick the other night and slept only about 4 hours,

I eat chicken noodle soup along with my fish for breakfast.

*I've often wondered, what if the earth were flat?

*You know "white men can't jump."

*A birthday cake is for birthdays, but for diabetics, they can have just a 


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