Monday, July 2, 2018

JULY 2, 2018 - 6:00 AM ET - 10 QUOTES/.THOUGHTS

*My parents survived the Great Depression, so as they did, I

learned to be a spendthrift through them. Two days ago I went 

to McDonald's and purchased a sausage burrito for $1 and a 

double bacon burger for $2. 

Our parents.


*Old age is not the same words as the word ancient, so don't 

tell anyone you're ancient. 

*We need to think and be positive in our lives, I believe we'll 

live longer by doing so.

*You cannot survive alone unless you're a farmer.

*I know people that have a gambling addiction, not me, just 

$20 once a month on the Ohio Mega Millions.

*If we were to live forever, we would need to colonize other 


*Quotes are thought up from a life time of experiences.


*Since they're not teaching cursive writing anymore, perhaps 

we ought to scrap the English alphabet and teach numbers 

1-4, we could then sign with a four digit code just like we 

punch in a 4 digit code at an ATM machine.


*Some people think I'm "too old to cut the mustard anymore."

*If you look into the mirror and see the rear end of a elephant,

you'd better not go out in public anymore.


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