Wednesday, July 25, 2018

JULY 25, 2018 - 6:00 AM ET - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*I hitchhiked to Houston Texas (no interstates then) 

from Dayton, Virginia when I was about 20 years old 

and saw President Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, in 

parade before he went to Dallas the next day.


*Great leaders of the world don't search for power 

and glory, they have a vision of world peace and 

changing their country to be a better place in the 


*Are those among us who must cling to someone, 

not able to stand alone?

*I missed going to Woodstock (1969) because I was 

in Florida at the time, if they had it again during this 

time, I could fit right in because I look like a hippie.

*Does government assistance really help the poor?

*I almost completed painting the downstairs 

recreation room yesterday when I ran out of paint. 

I'm using Behr Interior Enamel Ultra White, Stain 

Blocker and Primer in One.

*I usually shop for groceries at Save A lot, I would 

pay about 20% more if I shopped at Buehler's Fresh 


*I need to loose weight. If you do too, we can follow 

the following advice.

*A memory forgotten leaves more of your memory 

for your future.

*One person's kindness is not always like the 

kindness of another, but they add up to the same, 

none the less.

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