Saturday, July 28, 2018

JULY 28, 2018 - 7:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*When I was a teenager.

*I enjoy watching BBC Earth.

*Walmart has changed its old slogan, “Always 

Low Prices” slogan after 19 years to “Save Money. 

Live Better.”  

*Health experts say that a few ounces of dark 

chocolate each day is good for your health.

*We kids helped with our Mother at age 96 in her 

home with help from hospice, Southern Care 

Hospice, Harrisonburg, Virginia.


*I feel sorry for those that commit adultery, it will 

always make a sad impact on at least 3 people's 


*The proper punishment for husband beating a 

wife or vice versa is "Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth."

*At the Tower of Babel, God gave the workers 

different languages, I wonder if God approves of 

mixed racial marriages?

*It delights me to see small children with their 

endless energy, remembering that I once had the 

same endless energy myself.

*I remember all that time I spent in Las Vegas, was 

I lonely, no, I always had a stranger to talk to.

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