Wednesday, August 1, 2018

AUG 1, 2018 - 5:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*When I was a kid. 

*My real name is Forrest, my street name is Gump.

*I go to Buehler's Fresh Foods for fresh produce 

and store made cakes among other things, one of 

their stores is in Orrville, Ohio about a 3 minute 

drive east of here.

*Some of the dangers in our world were considered 

normal by our ancestors, but it's not their fault that 

we continue those dangers.

*A blessing from God is a blessing you've earned.

*Almost everyone's favorite shopping place is 


*A disciplined child will grow up to be an morally 

good and honest adult.

*Some politicians do appear to be honest.

*To get to my most viewed videos on YouTube 

click on the down arrow next to newest in the upper 

right hand corner and select most viewed.

*I often do web site reviews and have already typed 

this one: Twin Oak's Dermatology, Wooster, Ohio.

Forrest Caricofe

Your review will be posted publicly on the web. 

My head-to-toe examination was the best I've ever 

had. Dr. Clark (his middle name is named after a 

western movie) found about 7 places that were pre-

cancer Basel Cell Carcinoma, on my forehead, 

right temple and both arms. He handed to me some 

literature related to skin cancer appearances and 

advice on how to conduct a self examination. 

A friendly all women staff of Laura who was named 

after a sad love song, Page or Paige named after 

Page County in Virginia and at the checkout, Jesse 

James, but a woman, whose long dead desperado is 

her claim to fame. 

To those that I've missed, I'm sorry.  

Thanks to everyone.


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