Wednesday, August 8, 2018

AUG 8, 2018 - 6:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*My son's middle name is the same as this movie.

*A candle's light in the wind will burn out before 

the wind is calm again.

*I like Lay's Stax, they're cheaper than the original 

and I can let them melt in my mouth without my 

false teeth.

*When working outdoors in the flower beds and the 

yard, I use different brands of sunscreen with at 

least SPF 30 or over.

*The heat wave continues, it takes me about 3 days 

to acclimate myself to the heat of summer.

*Who were our ancestors?

*I have a lot of pig weeds in my flower beds, they 

sure are a pain in the a$$, but now I hear that you 

can eat them because of their nutritional value.

And others that you can eat that are called weeds.

*Don't worry or fret about something that has not 

come to past, it may not come your way after all.

*I like salt, Sam's Choice Fine Himalayan Pink 

Salt, it has many health benefits.

*Ran across an old interview with Donald Trump.

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