Monday, September 10, 2018

SEP 10, 2018 - 6:00 AM EDT - 10 QUOTES/THOUGHTS

*The Four Tops - Medley.

*I'm tight with my money like my parent's taught

me, I purchase Baker's Thin Wheat Crackers at 

half price or more compared to other brand 


Our parents, now in Heaven.

*Yesterday, being a veteran myself, I donated to 

the Wounded Warrior Program that asked for 

donations on Facebook.

*The one difference between a politician and a 

rattlesnake is that the politician gives you no 


*I don't have a bathroom in the basement where I 

sleep, so I pee into a hospital plastic container, 

dump it in the sink, then spray Clorox into the 

container and the sink, for a number 2, I go to the 

upstairs bathroom.

*There must be a hidden meaning in this 

commercial, I sure don't understand it?

*Poop spelled backwards is poop. Why am I 

telling you this when you already know it, because 

I don't have anything more to type at this time.

*I know some people who think they're a legend 

in their own mind.

*Some of us old people are always happy when 

we have a bowel movement every once in a while.

*We were going to the Wayne County Fair, Ohio, 

yesterday, but they moved all livestock to 

Richland County and cancelled the Sarah Evans 

performance because of flooding. The following 

is a 2013 video, but what's happening now at the 

fairgrounds would be similar because I 

remember that also.

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